Soguk Hose AttachmentSoguk Ice Hose Tip

SOGUK Hookah Hose Attachment / Ice Hose Tip


The SOGUK is an amazing new product that uses modern technology to do something that no hose or attachment on the market can do, and that is produce the coldest smoke you have ever experienced. The SOGUK has a simple yet sleek design that is extremely functional and durable. This product was designed for trouble free service whether it is used in the home or in a hookah lounge. The SOGUK definitely has the WOW factor, from the time you take the first pull, feel the crisp cool smoke, and the amazing flavor. The SOGUK will be something you never smoke without again.


What does the SOGUK do?
Cools smoke
Enhances flavor
Removes harshness

Whats inside?
The SOGUK is a completely self-contained unit with a cooling glycerin mix inside

Is it durable?
The SOGUK is very durable and will endure trouble free service time and time again

Product care?

The SOGUK is very easy to maintain, simply rinse it out, put it back in the freezer and it will be ready for your next hookah session


The SOGUK Slim Edition (Up to 2hrs of cooling time)


The SOGUK is 10.25x1.75in

Black and red

Whats hoses will the SOGUK work with?
The SOGUK is designed to work with any hookah hose.