RAZAN Washable Hookah Hose


The Razan Hose is truly remarkable! The inside of the Razan Hose is composed of a plastic material which is extremely easy to clean and will NEVER RUST! Also, being that the hose is washable, it will last you for a very long time! So be prepared to love this hose...as the Razan will stand by your side for many many smoke sessions to come.

The hose handle features a detachable mouth piece that is 6 inches in length making it easy to sit and relax while smoking your hookah. The mouthpiece is detachable from the handle so you can easily clean and wash your hose from the inside. The total hookah hose handle length is 18 inches, the detachable acrylic hookah hose end is 6 inches long, and the handle it fits into is a whopping 12 inches long.

The Razan is offered in 6 Colors :








Along with those colors, the Razan Hose is also offered with an optional white handle.
This option will greatly help you accent your hookah style and also help blend all the design and beauty your hookah has.